The alternative wedding dress – how to unlock your own standout style

On paper, that first (or twenty-first) visit to a bridal boutique should be magical, fun and every bride-to-be’s perfect playground. Yet being faced with rails and rails of wedding gowns can be a little daunting.

When coming face to face with the endless and often rather similar designs, wedding dress shapes and styles, you’ll have 101 thoughts running through your head, from how comfortable the dress will be on the day and how you’ll accessorise it to whether the design will complement your groom and your wider wedding theme. One question that often doesn’t take priority however is how your chosen wedding gown will complement your own personal style…

Your wedding dress should be as unique and special as you are. With this in mind, every bride should aim to embrace their one-of-a-kind style on their wedding day. Read on to discover the dos and don’ts of finding the wedding dress for you and unlock your own standout style on the day that matters most.

DO forget about the latest bridal wear trends

As in the rest of the fashion world, wedding dress trends come and go so don’t get too bogged down by what’s hot and what’s not on the bridal wear scene.

As the weddings of older family members will show you, the latest trends don’t necessarily translate well through the ages, and can in fact make your wedding album appear dated and drab rather quickly.

Instead of putting the latest trends on a pedestal, concentrate on finding a design you personally love and that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. A happy bride is timeless.

DON’T restrict yourself with what you think you like

Whilst researching the wedding dress shapes that suit your body type and seeing which bridal styles are out there will prove valuable, being open-minded when you enter that bridal boutique is the key to finding your own standout style.

As every bride will tell you, the one wedding dress for you will probably be far from the design you envisaged during your research. Try on as many wedding dresses as you can – even designs that look completely different to what you had in mind – to discover a standout style you’ll be proud to wear on your special day.

DO give yourself plenty of time to find ‘the one’

With no exact science to finding the perfect wedding dress, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to find a style that makes you feel extra special. Shopping for your wedding gown 9 to 12 months before the big day is what many industry experts recommend.

DON’T just shop at one bridal boutique

Shopping around is particularly important when finding a gown that’s a standout success, and as you’ll discover, different bridal boutiques have very different collections.

Narrow down a selection of great bridal boutiques to explore in person and make an appointment to ensure you get the customer service every bride deserves during their search.

DO let your groom share the limelight

Whilst the bride will of course be the star of the show, your groom is more than just an extra. Grooms deserve to stand out too, and one way to achieve just that is with their suit choice.

We’ll let made-to-measure suit specialist Jamie Hamilton from New and Lingwood explain how your groom can rock a look that’s all theirs on your big day:

“A tailored suit can reflect your signature fashion sense. Grooms who want an understated look could opt for a plain grey two-button suit, while men wanting to put their individual spin on it may want to experiment with bold colours.”

You can find more top tips for grooms looking to create a standout style right here.

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