How to tastefully include animal print in your wedding

The issue of whether or not guests can wear animal prints to weddings is still up for debate, so the idea of incorporating animal print into your wedding for some might be too bold a move, no matter how much they may love the patterns and prints. However, for brave brides and groom-to-be’s who want to take a more dramatic and vibrant approach to their Big Day this might be the perfect way to make their wedding stand out from the crowd. Read on to find out our top tips for incorporating animal print in your wedding.

As animal prints are so classic and timeless even historic venues like the Italianate-style Bourton Hall in Warwickshire can feature the patterns and colours elegantly.

Animal prints come in a wide variety of patterns, colours and textures. This means that there are ways of using animal prints at your wedding no matter the style or location of your wedding. For example, if you or your spouse-to-be are very keen horse riders then using (faux skins are obviously much kinder) pony skins would be a dazzling way to style your wedding. You could start using this theme from the very beginning by sending your Save the Dates out to your wedding guests in faux pony skin pouches and then the same for your official invitations. This would work particularly well if you were having a destination wedding on a ranch in America or a rustic country estate with lots of history behind it.

Tiger skins simply scream pizzazz, so lovers of tiger print patterns might want to make the happiest day of their life a day to feature their favourite pattern. You can decorate tiers of your wedding cake with tiger print, or any other animal print you might want to be featured at your Big Day.

Another way to tastefully include animal print in your wedding is with your bridesmaid dresses. This is a bold look as a lot of attention is paid to your bridesmaids, so it is not for the faint-hearted! However, there are all sorts of wonderful animal print dresses out there in very elegant and flattering designs, so this is simply a matter of finding the right dress for you, your wedding and your bridesmaids. And remember, bridesmaids don’t have to wear bridesmaid dresses. Fabulous occasion wear (including jumpsuits) are all seen regularly at weddings today. Whilst she wasn’t a bridesmaid, Ciara’s dress at DeShawn Shead’s wedding was a fabulous sleek leopard print number, which was so beautifully designed and made that it would not have looked out of place on any bridesmaid when given the final touches of a pretty bouquet and a fabulous hairstyle. If having all of your bridesmaids in animal print is too much for you then you could consider highlighting the importance of your maid of honour by having her wear the animal print whilst the other bridesmaids are in a more traditional bridesmaid dress.

Using animal prints and hides to decorate your wedding venue from the seating to the tables to the bar, is a wonderful way to highlight who you are as a person and as a newly-wed couple. It would work particularly well for any destination weddings in India or Africa depending on the animal prints you were wanting to feature. You could even give a very small nod to your love of animal print by having a wedding ring pillow made out of your favourite animal print. This could be done to cement your theme or as a single nod to your inner wild side if you wanted to keep the look of your wedding very traditional.

If you needed any further encouragement to get you to incorporate animal prints into your wedding, then take a leaf out of Martha Stewart’s book. @MarthaWeddings tweeted “Looking to infuse your wedding with bold details? Animal prints accents are the way to go.”

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