How to avoid ‘dress regret’

Creating the perfect wedding is a big stress for couples. There are 101 things to think about when planning your dream wedding day, and how you look when walking down the aisle and saying that all-important “I do” is a biggie.

Shopping for your wedding dress should be an experience that’s treasured, not stressed about. But in the pursuit of perfection, so many brides fall victim to the wedding dress shopping mistakes that can lead to dreaded ‘dress regret’.

Here we reveal the mistakes to avoid when shopping for ‘the one’ so you can find the wedding dress you’re happy with, not just at the point of sale, but on your big day and beyond.

Always shop in person

In these technologically advanced times, everything is at our fingertips. Yet, going down the traditional route when shopping for your bridal gown and browsing in person is what we strongly recommend.

Purchasing your wedding gown online may seem the easiest option for avoiding wedding shopping stress and accessing a greater range of designs that suit your budget, but the reality of an online-bought dress rarely lives up to expectations.

Not trying on the wedding dress before the purchase is frequently listed as a top 10 wedding day regret, here’s what Easy Weddings had to say on the matter:

“Though many online dress shops do a great job with delivering what they promise, you won’t know exactly how you’ll look – or how the dress will look on you – until your wedding gown arrives.

A number of brides who purchased gowns online said they regretted not experiencing what some of their friends had: trying on a dress and then looking in the mirror and realising that you’ve found ‘The One’.”

Trust your instincts

With so many stunning designs to choose from, finding the one wedding dress for you isn’t a walk in the park. As the saying goes “once you know, you know”, so trust your instincts with every try-on.

Here’s a little wedding secret every bride will uncover when shopping for a bridal gown – the dress you had in mind, the one you have dreamt about since you started the wedding planning process, is often not the design you end up in. Be open to other wedding dress design options, they may just surprise you.

Trust your instincts to discover a design that you will fall in love with and that will mesmerise your partner and wider wedding party on the big day itself.

If you’ve picked a wedding dress and have regrets right away, trust your instincts once again and act fast by cancelling your order. You can always return to it and reorder if it does end up being the one.

Bring moral support

Bringing a family member or friend along for the ride with you will ensure you get the second opinion you need with every dress you try on. Often your family member or friend won’t even have to open their mouth to reveal their true opinion.

To ensure they offer the support you require, make sure they’re clued up on your bridal vision. You could even share your budget with them to stop you from trying on dresses outside your price range and avoiding another wedding day regret – overspending unnecessarily.

Remember, it’s never too late

If you’re hit with dress regret after ordering your bridal gown, call the bridal boutique you purchased your dress from to explain your situation and discuss your options.

If the dress has already been made, a trip to the tailor could help you fall in love with the design all over again. Choose a seamstress who specialises in wedding dress alterations and let your creativity flow.

Whether you decide to make drastic alterations or not, remember, no bridal ensemble is complete without the right accessories. Those finishing touches make all the difference to your final bridal look. Read this advice on picking the perfect accessories for your wedding dress.


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