How to Create the Perfect Winter Wedding

If you feel an affinity with colder weather winter brings with it, and see the beauty in the frost and snow, then you might be one of the minorities who organises a winter wedding. While they are certainly not unheard of, they do fall short of marriages celebrated in the summer. Whether you are looking to host a large and grand event or a more intimate affair, there are ideas around venue, decoration, food and drink that we think fit perfectly with winter themes.

Picking your Winter Venue

When it comes to choosing a venue, there are a lot of things to think about that go beyond aesthetics. Accessibility, amenities and availability all have a vital role to play. But, where the atmosphere is concerned, there are some important choices to make – and we will not blame you if at first, all you concentrate on are the aesthetics!

The Grand Scale Winter Mansions and Halls

We would love to think that our Bourton Hall venue might offer you the winter grandeur that you are looking for. With its high ceilings, grand staircases, large windows and extensive grounds, it truly has an air of magnificence in the glistening winter countryside. If its a sense of stately grandeur that you’re looking for with your winter wedding – it can easily be adorned to suit your day.

With a series of rooms within the hall, while it offers itself to the larger feeling venue, it has intimate spaces too. Perfect for a winter styled celebration.

The grand scale wedding venues, such as halls, mansions or even castles, offer your guests that sense of stately elegance. They also give you a lot of space for decoration, the high walls can easily be adorned festively, or a minimalist approach could work wonders on showing-off the venue.

Giving your guests rooms to explore, halls to walk and staircases to climb will excite their sense of exploration inside – while outside the majority of this style of the venue will have extensive grounds to look over and explore. In the frosty winter weather, these sights can be extra special and offer you and your guests some amazingly expansive photo opportunities.

Roaring log burners perfect for the wintertime, echoing halls and plenty of history within expansive walls – the larger venue holds something special for your winter guests.

The more Intimate, Small Scale, Winter Venues

For those who are hosting a smaller guest list, or who want to share their special day with a select group, the smaller scale venues can enhance the intimacy of a winter wedding. Keep your guests warm with open fires, light their way with scented candles and line the walls with winter-inspired decorations to make the event feel cosy and homely.

If you are going for the smaller venue, you will have to consider the walkways between rooms and other accessibility issues which could cause guests any problem.


Once you have decided your venue, big or small, it is time to think decoration. Especially when it comes to table adornments, centrepieces and other extras around the place. If you are going for a Christmas wedding, and are looking to deck the halls, then you should give thought to your colour schemes. Think about whether they are going to clash with the brides’ dress, the grooms’ suit and guests’ dress code; especially if you are going to decorate in the traditional, bright, red and green Christmas colours.

If, however, you are going to go for a more contemporary winter style, then the decoration palette is going to be much more neutral, with greens, whites and browns. There will only be the occasional dash of brighter colour such as red. The predominant colour is going to be white.

Think of natural winter beauty and bring it into your decoration. Dash it with some instances of fragrance to leave your guests in awe. Think about making use of:

  • Holly
  • pine cones
  • mistletoe
  • tastefully placed neutrally coloured fairy lights
  • berries, like cranberry and blackberry among others
  • dried oranges, and
  • cinnamon sticks will all work well.

Use fairy lights to highlight any areas of the venue you might want a focus on, such as banners or even wooden beams.

Keeping everything feeling natural, with a focus on timber for any tables and displays, highlighted with the lights and winter styled decor and your guests will feel as if they’ve entered a winter wonderland.

Festive Food and Drink

Winter would not be the same without the selection of food and drink it brings with it.

Wow Your Guests with a Selection of Wintry-Styled Drinks

While you may think that cocktails are synonymous with summer – this is not the case. Why not offer some winter-infused cocktails making use of traditional flavours like cranberry, orange and cinnamon. The Olive Magazine gives an amazing, and extensive, range of winter cocktails that could inspire you.

When the evening begins to tick on, why not offer hot drinks? Hot chocolate, cinnamon lattes or vanilla cappuccinos will all give your guests that inescapably festive taste. Keep yourself and them warm with our very own hot chocolate station which you and your guests can enjoy on a frosty day.

Feed Your Guests with Winter’s Finest

Whether or not you decide to go traditional with your winter wedding food options, you should always remember to give your guests a variety of options when it comes to eating. With vegetarian and vegan options becoming more and more prominent, we would always be quick to remind anyone of dietary requirements when organising food.

Adorn your guests’ dinner plates with fine meats, honey-glazed vegetables, fruit infusions and warm nuts. The traditional winter flavours will best compliment your theme if you are looking for inspiration, why not take a look at Hitched’s Winter Wedding Food Advice?

Added Extras

To give it a real winter feel, why not offer out blankets to stay warm into the night and marshmallows to toast on an open fire? We are sure that they will complement your hot drink offering nicely.

We’d love to provide you with the perfect winter venue, and we’d be more than happy to advise on any questions you may have. Contact us today or request a brochure and we will endeavour to be back in contact as quickly as we can.

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