How You Could Propose This Christmas

While the summer months are by far preferred for wedding days, it is the winter that brings a fresh and glistening charm that is awash with romance. Whether it’s the colder days that make us feel like getting closer, the short days which see us getting cosy much earlier for an evening in, or even just the frost that adds an extra level of beauty to our surroundings, who knows. Perhaps you feel like it could be the perfect Christmas gift. 

Once you’ve made the all-important decision of devoting yourself to someone for the rest of your life, making sure you get the proposal right can be a daunting thing. You need to make sure that your partner’s preferences are entirely taken into account while balancing your confidence and ability to deliver these preferences. 

There are plenty of ways to ask your partner this Christmas, and whether you want something intimate, or something more public – there’s something for each preference.

The Intimate Winter Proposal 

If intimate and personal are both essential factors for you and your partner, there are plenty of ways to surprise them with a proposal. 

Dinner for Two 

For those of you who are confident in the kitchen, cooking up a wintry inspired dish, perhaps a Christmas classic, picking your favourite drink selection and lighting some scented candles could be perfect. It has the intimacy factor, and it will just be you, them, food and a question. Even if you are not a professional in the kitchen, trying your hand at cooking will add that extra level of effort to the event. There are plenty of recipe ideas out there. Yet, if you do feel that disaster is imminent, you can always book a discreet table at a restaurant of your choice, or have a mobile chef come and cook for you. 

Morning Bauble 

Another idea that will only require the two of you is hiding the ring in a non-descript Christmas decoration – like a bauble. If the element of surprise is what you are going for, then doing this will leave your partner none-the-wiser! You could, however, go for something a little more conspicuous – if you want to rouse their suspicions. Why not have a bauble (or any other Christmas ornament) made special for the occasion? Not only then will you have a day to remember, but also a keepsake for the future. 

Make It A Stocking Gift 

If the bauble does not take your fancy, why not wrap your ring as a stocking surprise? That way, while your partner is busy unwrapping, you can go through the speech in your head one more time, before – in a timely fashion – going down on one knee. 

A Snow Proposal 

If you are lucky enough to be gifted with snow around the Christmas season, and you have a garden, why not use it to your advantage? Especially if you are lucky enough to have a bedroom that overlooks the garden. 

Either lead them down a trail that will result in a ring or you on one knee! Or, spell out your question for them to look down on as dawn breaks. The more personal you can make it, the better. 

Ask with a Hot Drink

If you are a bit of a maestro at the coffee machine or fancy trying your hand at latte art (or want to make use of a stencil) why not garnish your partner’s favourite hot drink with the question? They will never see it coming, and it has that element of creativity to it. 

The Public Winter Proposal 

If you are happy to take your proposal into the public eye, there are lots of ways to ask the question this Christmas. 


Want to go bold and public? Why not have a selection of friends and family to give you a rendition of a range of Christmas songs while you propose? You can personalise the song choice this way as well. Alternatively, you can hire professional carollers.

New Year’s Fireworks 

If you are happy to wait it out that little bit longer, you could wait until the clocks strike midnight to signify the arrival of the new year. Fireworks displays, concerts, or any other form of celebration could be used to disguise the affair before you get down on one knee. 

Winter Picture Perfect

If you and your partner do not suffer from being camera-shy, why not organise a winter photo shoot? Wrap up in some of your favourite attire, make your way to a destination and pose for a new album. Only this album will include you and your partner moments before a proposal, the proposal itself, and the aftermath. It is the perfect time to propose and create picture-perfect memories. 

You will both be made up, in your favourite and most flattering winter clothes and be ready for a day of making memories. Even if makeup runs, it just adds to the jubilation and emotion of the moment. 

Proposal on Ice

The winter season will bring ice rinks with it, whether you are making your way to Winter Wonderland, or something similar, any festive celebration is likely to come with a place for you to put on your skates. This proposal will likely require you to be confident on the ice to pull off, but we are sure there is a place for clumsy proposals on ice! If you are looking for a crowd to be involved in your moment – and likely cheer and live it alongside you, this could be a great choice. 

The Most Important Thing 

We know that when you decide to commit yourself to another person, you have not made the decision lightly. So, take time to think about your proposal and make sure you feel comfortable, and that it reflects both of you. No matter how you ask the question, make it a moment to remember this Christmas. 

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