5 ways to get loved ones involved in your proposal


Upping the romance of your engagement doesn’t always mean keeping the moment between just the two of you. Many couples choose to get the most important people in both their lives involved in their proposal, and it’s a move that often makes this magical moment even more special.

As a popular wedding venue set in some 15 acres of Shakespeare Country, we’ve been lucky enough to hear so many wonderful marriage proposal stories as well as be a part of the couple’s next step.

Read on to discover just 5 of the ways you can include your and your partner’s loved ones in your proposal…

1. Call on a little movie magic

Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing software has no doubt provided a much needed link between families and friends that can’t be together during the pandemic. So, why not use this technology to plan your proposal to perfection?

If you want to get your loved ones involved without them being there in person, ask your family and friends to share videos of themselves sending their love to you both. They could use their time on screen to share a story about the two of you. This is also a great way to get everyone involved without revealing the big surprise.

2. Throw a secret engagement party

Getting down on one knee in front of your family and friends may be daunting, but being surrounded by your loved ones is no doubt a fantastic way to pop the question.

Resist the urge to propose at someone else’s party however. Overshadowing an unsuspecting birthday girl or boy with your big proposal may not be the best way to begin your engagement!

3. Give them starring roles

This idea is particularly heart-warming if you’re looking to get those little people that are so important to you both involved in your proposal.

If you’re a step parent, getting your partner’s kids involved is so much more than just a cute moment as The Heart Bandits describes:

“If your partner has children, including them in your proposal is a very sweet gesture. It will make your partner feel that you are accepting of them and their child or children.  It will make the child feel important and special and show them that you understand that this proposal affects them too.”

With the help of your little ones, you can make the proposal a memorable, magical moment for the whole family. Give the children starring roles by letting them present the ring, create a scavenger hunt, or show off their “will you marry me?” merch.

4. Enjoy another big reveal

Incorporate another big reveal into your marriage proposal with the help of family and friends.

Asking your loved ones to surprise you after you’ve got that big “YES” will take some coordination. But it’ll offer a double whammy of joy for newly engaged couples, especially if family members and friends have had to travel to share the moment with you.

5. Don’t forget your furry friends

Pets play huge parts in many people’s lives so it makes sense to get them involved too. Whether it’s teaching your dog a new trick to help with the proposal or giving your cat the responsibility of being your ring bearer, there are tons of cute marriage proposal ideas involving pets.

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