Your path to “I do” – the planning milestones that should be on every couple’s list

Every journey to the altar is unique, that’s what makes the big day itself extra special for the couple and all those celebrating with them. As with any big project, however, marking each planning milestone is the key to staying organised and motivated, whatever your wedding day ambitions.

Breaking the path to “I do” into manageable chunks is also extremely beneficial for brides and grooms who are worried about getting overwhelmed by the whole experience, which with the stress of the wedding planning process is all too easily done.

Whether you’re just starting on your wedding planning adventure or want to gain a fresh perspective on your journey so far, the following planning milestones are well worth noting…

The engagement

As the start of it all, your engagement should certainly be celebrated! Whilst the proposal itself is very much a private moment reserved for just the two of you, marking the occasion with family and friends shouldn’t be skipped.

Throwing an engagement party, whether an elaborate occasion at a venue or a low key affair at home, is the ideal way to celebrate your big news and kick start the countdown to your wedding day. An engagement party is also a great opportunity for guests that will be at your wedding to get better acquainted long before your stag or hen dos and the special day itself.

It’s at this milestone you’ll start to think about who to select as your wedding VIPs, such as your maid of honour, best man, and fellow bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The venue

Choosing your wedding venue is a huge decision and an even bigger planning milestone. As well as representing the largest purchase in your wedding budget, selecting a venue is the point that you’ll decide on that all-important wedding date.

Once you’ve picked your perfect wedding venue, you’ll have the information you need to create and send those save the dates, and the setting to gather inspiration for your wider wedding celebration.

By choosing Bourton Hall as your wedding venue, you’ll have access to a list of trusted suppliers so you can easily find the wedding vendors you need to make your big daydreams a reality. This includes a handpicked selection of florists, bridal boutiques, photographers, videographers, cake designers, and wedding entertainment options.

The dress

The sheer choice of wedding dress designs available makes the search for ‘the one’ particularly troublesome. So it should come as no surprise that finding your perfect wedding gown is a major planning milestone.

Mark the occasion by completing your wedding look. Trust us, shopping for accessories (like these sparkling bridal crowns and tiaras) and helping your groom coordinate his and his groomsmen’s wedding attire is more enjoyable once you’ve said “yes” to the dress.

The invites

Your “save the dates” may be out but you have to make it official with your wedding invites. Your wedding invitations don’t just give would-be guests the location and date of your very important occasion. They provide them with a taste of what’s to come, which is super exciting for everyone.

The rings

Unlike when your partner picked your engagement ring, you get to shop for your wedding rings together, which can be the icing on the cake as the wedding planning experience draws to a close.

Wedding blogger Jerry Leung explains why shopping for your wedding rings together is a beautiful thing:

“The wedding rings are [to] symbolize a marriage. They signify that you and your spouse have become one unit. As a matter of fact, the exchange of bands is one of the things that will make your wedding official. You will be wearing the rings for the rest of your life. As a result, you will need to make sure that both of you and your fiance will love the rings when you are trying to purchase them.”

The showers

As the last days of freedom, your stag and hen parties offer great ways to let your hair down as your wedding date gets closer, and that’s a great milestone to get to after the chaos and stress of the wedding planning process.

The big day

All the milestones above have come to this – your big day. Enjoy every moment and look forward to your future today by marking the most marvellous and memorable milestone of them all!

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