Want to make another bride’s dreams come true? Top tips for reselling your wedding dress

After spending weeks or even months finding the perfect wedding dress, storing it away in a box can be a little anticlimactic. But this doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your beautiful bridal gown!

Many modern-day brides are choosing to do away with tradition and give their carefully selected, much loved wedding dresses second lives…

Why should I consider selling?

There are many reasons why selling your wedding dress makes perfect sense. The fact that your dress will now simply be in a box gathering dust is often reason enough for brides to explore their reselling options.

Having the means to make another bride’s dreams come true is another reason to consider reselling your wedding dress.

Finances can also be tight after footing the bill for your wedding day. A wedding dress that’s less than three years old and has only been worn once can sell for up to 50% of its original RRP. This means reselling your wedding dress can be a great way to claw some money back and kick-start married life in style!

It’s not just you and a fellow bride that will benefit from reselling your wedding dress, the planet prospers too as Harper’s Bazaar details:

“Still White, a second-hand wedding dress website, is proof that buying pre-loved dresses helps the planet. By reselling over 20,000 dresses, they’ve saved 216,000 kg of carbon emissions, 180 million litres of water and $20 million.”

Where should I resell my wedding dress?

Reselling your wedding dress is easier than you think. There are several websites dedicated to the sale of second hand and preloved wedding gowns, including Stillwhite, Nearly Newlywed, Bride2Bride and  Sell My Wedding Dress.

How should I price my dress?

When reselling, remember timing is important. If you leave the sale of your gown too late, you could risk the design falling out of favour as wedding dress trends move pretty quickly.

You should set a realistic price point. As we mentioned previously, wedding dresses under three years old can be priced at 50% of the RRP, whilst older dresses should be priced lower depending on their age, condition and style.

What can I do to improve my chances of a sale?

With more and more brides choosing to sell their wedding dresses, your preloved dress will have some stiff competition.

Having your wedding dress professionally cleaned however could help you achieve a higher resale price and sell your bridal gown much quicker.

When selling your dress, take time to create your listing. You should include a detailed description, with accurate measurements, the name of the bridal designer, the dress style and number, and the fabrics that were used to create your dress. You should also be honest about any marks, stains, tears and other damage that are present on the dress.

No listing would be complete without a set of images. Include as many as you can to illustrate exactly why you fell in love with your wedding dress, as well as images that show the full length of the gown as well as close-up details.

You should also give browsing brides-to-be the option to return the wedding dress if it’s not suitable, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect wedding gown!

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