Sustainable or luxury wedding? Here’s how to have it all!

Sustainable weddings are all the rage amongst marrying couples of today, and why shouldn’t the planet prosper from your nuptials! Contrary to popular belief, going green with your very modern wedding doesn’t mean forgoing the luxury every bride and groom deserves on their big day.

Here at Bourton Hall, we’re proud to host weddings of all shapes, sizes and styles. Here our experts reveal how you can have the very best of both worlds to create the ultimate luxurious yet sustainable wedding.

Let nature take the lead with your décor

The natural world is full of wedding inspiration, so don’t be afraid to let nature take the lead on your luxury wedding day. As renewable resources, flowers and other greenery will help you create natural wedding décor to ensure a timeless, romantic look and feel that doesn’t put additional pressure on the planet.

Sustainably sourced or even foraged natural materials can be used in the most grandiose ways to create elaborate ceremony decorations, intriguing wedding favours, and lavish centrepieces.

Go Fairtrade or recycled when ring shopping

The sustainable market has exploded in recent years, and Fairtrade and recycled designs are more luxurious than ever as a result. Even your choice of wedding ring can be a conscious one as Marie Claire explains:

“A recycled wedding ring lessens the need for newly mined metals, so reduces the environmentally damaging effects of mining practices. It’s a common misconception that opting for a recycled wedding ring will mean compromising on quality or style. In fact, recycled gold and platinum are of identical quality (and therefore completely indistinguishable from) newly mined metals.”

Choose locally sourced for your wedding menu

Whether you’re hosting an extra special intimate wedding or plan to mark this major milestone with a more elaborate occasion, one thing’s for certain – what you and your guests eat and drink matters! Being eco-friendlier with your wedding food doesn’t mean a strictly plant-based menu, however.

Choosing locally sourced, organic produce is a great way to enjoy great-tasting food and be more sustainably minded. If meat plays a starring role in your main meal, choose a vegetarian or vegan option for your starter or dessert. This will reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint, plus it tastes pretty great too!

At Bourton Hall, we understand that supporting local businesses matters now more than ever. That’s why we use locally sourced produce wherever possible to provide the finest, most sustainable wedding food.

Opt for wedding wear that’s consciously designed and made

When shopping for your wedding gown, you’ll no doubt have a long list of criteria. Yet making your choice as sustainable as it can be will ensure a fairy-tale wedding with a happy ending for everyone!

Be selective when it comes to your bridal designer, and shop locally. Many UK bridal wear designers take pride in using the most sustainable fabric choices, minimising waste, and investing in ethical workplace culture.

Complete your look with vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable hair and make-up products for a luxury look that doesn’t cost the Earth.


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