Wedding decorations to buy in bulk (and what to do with them afterwards)

Transforming an empty venue into a space fit for a wedding can be a daunting task. Having a few boxes full of decorations ready to go will make your task a lot easier and help to ensure that your venue looks truly spectacular when you’re done. Before bulk buying any decorations, it’s always a good idea to check what your venue allows. While some spaces will be open to anything, others may ask you to refrain from using nails, tape and other things that could damage the walls and ceilings. Knowing exactly what you’re allowed to use will make buying your decorations a lot easier.


Unless you’ve opted for an extremely minimalist look, flowers are probably going to feature fairly heavily in your wedding décor. Use blooms to brighten up the ceremony space, enhance the tables and add colour to the walls. The more flowers you have, the more vibrant your venue will look, so why not bulk buy your flowers and really bring the space to life?

Head to a local flower market and speak to the traders about buying large quantities of certain blooms. This should help you decorate your venue and make your budget go a little further. Once the day is done, you can donate your flowers to a local hospital or care home or, if you opt for live plants instead of cut blooms, you can plant them in your garden and gift them to friends and family.


While you might know them best from kids’ parties, balloons can actually make fantastic wedding decorations. As @hitchedcouk says, “Balloon installations are amazing to bring a simple space to life. You can also incorporate balloons into centrepieces or top table decoration or just have two huge balloons.” Make sure you choose balloons that match your colour scheme and try not to go overboard with your inflatable decorations.


If you’re using cut flowers to decorate your aisle, your tables and your venue, you’re probably going to need a lot of vases. Bulk buying vases should help you to get them a little cheaper as a lot of suppliers will offer discounts on large orders. If you don’t mind your vases all being different, you can save a considerable amount of cash by buying them from charity shops or even using jam jars for your displays. After your wedding, you can sell the vases on, recycle the glass or use them to decorate your home.


Bunting is a popular décor choice for couples that want a traditional country look for their wedding day. If you’re on a tight budget, you can make the bunting yourself. But as this is generally fairly time-consuming, it’s probably easier to buy your bunting in bulk, that way you can save time and money. When the day is done, you can use your bunting for future garden parties or donate it to a local school for their summer fetes.

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