Choosing a suit: how to ensure the perfect fit

Looking and feeling great is a must, especially on your wedding day. Defining your groom style with a stunning suit is one way to achieve just that, as well as give you the confidence and comfort to enjoy your big day your way – wedding day jitters aside!

Choosing a suit that showcases your personality and complements your bride and wider wedding style is only part of the puzzle however as The Permanent Style details:

“Fit, I always said and still maintain, is the most important thing in any garment. The subtleties of fit can be a matter of style and fashion, but it should remain the first thing you consider. And a tailored jacket has the greatest fit potential. After all, what other garment can a man wear that is so built up, shaped, structured – almost carved around the body – to create whatever image he desires.”

How your suit fits is the key to a great wedding look, which is why we’ve dedicated this blog post to sharing our top tips for achieving the perfect fit.

Know what to expect from a great fit

Whether this is your first rodeo or not, it’s worth reiterating what a great fitting suit really looks and feels like.

Your suit should comfortably hug every part of your body and fit closely, not tightly. Shoulder pads should not protrude, the back of your jacket should cascade neatly no lower than your knuckles, and the jacket sleeves should sit a few centimetres from your shirt sleeves.

This visual guide will be a useful reference point during suit shopping and subsequent suit fitting sessions.

Explore styles and fits that suit you

As any bride will tell you, wedding dress trends come and go, but choosing what suits you and complements your personal style is what’s important. The same theory applies when selecting a suit.

Don’t be afraid to try on every suit in the shop to find your style. Those going bespoke can use their preferred style as a benchmark for their tailored look.

Contemporary, slim-fitting suits are particularly popular amongst the grooms of today. Whilst boxy designs give a nostalgic nod to yesteryear to create wedding day looks that are chic and cutting edge.

Always get your suit professionally fitted

You deserve to feel like a million dollars on your wedding day so settle for nothing less than a professionally fitted look. All body types are different and with this, every suit should be tailored to your unique measurements and shape.

Whether it’s the sleeves of your suit that need to be shortened, the length of your trousers that need to be changed, or the jacket sides that need taking in for a snugger fit, every alteration matters.

Go local when searching for a tailor

We’re passionate about supporting local wedding vendors – we even have our own handpicked selection of local trusted suppliers that we recommend to all those marrying here at Bourton Hall – and these local services need your business more than ever before right now.

If you’re hiring a suit, buying bespoke, or need an off-the-peg design tailored to you courtesy of a professional fitting, choose a local tailor and show your support.


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