Grooms get nervous too! How to manage wedding day jitters

Grooms may not have to deal with dress regret and other bridal jitters but there’s still a lot to worry about, especially on the wedding day itself.

With grooms taking more active roles in the wedding planning process, concerns that the wedding day itself may not be what was planned for are just as much of a worry for grooms as they are for brides.

With some positive thinking and the following tips, every groom can manage wedding day jitters and enjoy their special day wholeheartedly.

Spend more time together

Wedding planning can quite easily take over your life. But by battling through those pre-wedding stresses together, you can both enjoy the process.

Take time to reconnect as a couple to ensure you always come back to exactly why you’re going through the stress of wedding planning.

Schedule regular date nights and ban all wedding talk to get back to basics and appreciate each other. Here are a few date night ideas for almost married couples to get you started.

Prepare for the day itself

Despite being surrounded by your nearest and dearest, the wedding day itself is still particularly daunting.

Whether you’re worried about taking centre stage for your groom’s speech or concerned that you won’t do ‘the right thing’ at the ceremony, practice makes perfect. Rehearse your part well to keep nerves in check.

Talk about your worries

As the saying goes “a problem shared is a problem halved”, so talk about your worries with those closest to you.

Your fiancée will naturally be a great source of support in the run-up to your wedding day. You’ll find that you’ll be able to help each other by simply having a good chat about what’s bothering you.

Talking to friends and family members that have been married is another route to valuable advice and support, whatever your wedding day worries.

Make planning a joint effort

You may think that adding more to-dos to an already long wedding planning list will make you more stressed, but taking a more active role in your big day has the opposite effect.

By sharing the burden of wedding planning with your partner, you’ll feel more confident and content with the resulting wedding.

You could even take the reins completely and surprise your bride by planning a huge part of the celebrations as Areas of My Expertise explains:

“Show your new wife just how much you appreciate all the hard work she put into planning your wedding day by treating her to the trip of a lifetime.

While many couples opt to plan their honeymoon together, doing the preliminary research and choosing a few awesome destinations is a great way to get the ball rolling and make things easier on a busy bride.”

Schedule in some ‘me time’

Calm your mind and settle those nerves by indulging in some ‘me time’ in the run-up to your wedding. Whether you get relief from relaxing or hitting the gym, do what makes you feel good to be at your best on your wedding day.

You could even use meditation to look after your body, mind and soul. Read this beginner’s guide to meditation for men for further information.

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