Little secrets that make the wedding process perfect

When it comes to planning a wedding, it may seem very simple, in terms of what you should do, and when you should do it. The venue, the invitations and the guest list are the usual party planning routines to think of, but where a wedding is concerned this is generally on a grander scale. Although there are a lot of other factors that no one speaks about, and if you are prepared, you can improve the whole experience tenfold.

Some moments within the wedding process are unique, and you will hold those memories for time immemorial. Yet, sometimes you can miss out, and the experience can be quite stressful and disappointing. To prevent this disappointment, here are a few tips to consider when you are planning your special day.

Five tips to make the wedding process perfect

Finding the right person to make your invitations

Finding the right person to make your invites is key to making the invite process smoother. There is a lot to consider for your invites, from the messaging to the design and colour. There should be time spent on researching what design you want; however, time spent on finding the right person to create and print your invitations is far more beneficial; especially if you are struggling with your design. Even if you have something in mind, they will be able to support you. While you are researching, you should collect as many quotes as possible and request samples so you can make an informed decision. It can be easy to find a design online and take that to a printer. However, they tend to overcharge as they must create that design anyway. Getting an expert in early will save you time, and can help you make crucial decisions.

Who not to invite

In the early stages of engagement, there is an abundance of excitement. Within the midst of congratulations from those you may bump into, it can be easy to insinuate or outright invite people that you may not be able to accommodate later. We would suggest creating your guest list and knowing the number of people you can ask before you go ahead.

It is not that you do not want to invite them, but it is essential to consider the cost of per person on the day. The average price of having a single person attend is around £100; there is more to consider than their food. You should consider if you want complimentary drinks on the table or upon arrival, right down to having to pay for the chairs they sit on. The price soon creeps up when you add even the smallest feature for a single person.

As brutal as cutting from the guest list can be, overall, you need to consider how much money you are willing to spend. There are three things to keep in mind when inviting guests:

  • you do not need to somebody because you have asked an associate of the same “friendship circle”;
  • you do not have to invite partners or offer plus ones; and
  • you do not have to justify why you are not inviting someone – real friendships are understanding ones.

Remember that this day is for you and when they get married, they will understand that it can cost a lot of money.

Seating plan

Alongside the guest list, the process of sorting a seating plan can be complicated. There is never a clear process to follow for this. You could start by having those who know one another sit together. Opposingly, you could thoroughly mix the guests up.

The overall sentiment here is, there is no right or wrong way, and it is unlikely you will please everyone. Generally speaking, your guests will be understanding. Remember, they will be a mix of your closest friends and family. Ultimately, they are not be sitting down for long before the music begins to play, and all will be forgotten.

If you are unsure how they might react, let them know the seating plan before the wedding day and then make a reasonable adjustment.

Trying on the wedding dress

Finding the perfect dress is a pivotal moment for the bride, and the memories that come with it are worth every penny. It is worth making time to consider preparing a day to do this. Sometimes brides can walk into a wedding shop, find something, and it all works out perfectly. Yet, we would recommend urging on the side of caution and plan your visitations.

When you do go to try on your dress, wear the right underwear. If you are going for a traditional white, do not go in brightly coloured underwear. Feeling comfortable is key, especially in a scenario where emotions may be heightened.

Whether you wear makeup in your daily lifestyle or not, it is more than likely you will wear some on the day. You do not have to go full glam. However, this day may be the day you find the perfect dress, and you want to bathe in that excitement for a few minutes. Have a touch of makeup or do the things that make you feel beautiful, whatever that may be on the day. Makeup will lift the look, and you can better see gage how it will look like on the day.

Bring loved ones whether your parents, grandparents or friends. Sharing this moment with them has the potential to be a truly special moment and will create lasting memories.

Listen to your gut. As much as you may trust the guests you bring, there can be an opportunity for one or two stray opinions. However, the old saying of “too many cooks” comes to mind; too many voices can spoil your experience. Overall the dress you choose should be one you feel comfortable in, heed the advice you are given, but overall listen to yourself.

Who to listen to

Similar to the wedding dress, the wedding itself has the potential to attract a lot of voices. These layers of voices can over-complicate and spoil the process if it all becomes too stressful. Remember:

  1. There are experts – whether you have a planner or not, there are people who live and breathe weddings daily, and they will give you the best advice. The experts may be organisers, dress or suit fitters, caterers and more. Find and speak to some, do not be afraid to say you are unsure about the process. Giving up some control of the wedding can help you relax and will support you further down the line.
  2. Employ someone you trust – you may be sitting too close to the planning and need someone removed to find what is best. Having someone you can trust by your side will be able to challenge your poor decisions and endorse your best while adding their own ideas to the pot.

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