What to expect from your best man

Tying the knot is a huge and exciting milestone in any relationship, and as a result, it’s an occasion that has to be celebrated in style. The business of planning that very special day isn’t easy.

Wedding planning stress can get the better of the most organised bride or groom. To ease pressure and make wedding planning the enjoyable process it should be, your wedding party is there to share the burden.

Whilst the maid of honour is there to support the bride-to-be, it’s the best man that’s charged with helping the groom, and each plays a vital role in making the couple’s wedding day dreams come true. Choosing the right best man for the job is therefore essential.

But once you’ve decided on which friend or family member will be your go-to guy, what can you expect from him?

Shop for wedding suits

Whether you have a clear idea about the wedding day look you want to go for or not, your best man and fellow groomsmen have to come along for the ride, no matter how many shops you have to visit to find the suit style you adore.

There are tons of suit styles to choose from, which makes having that extra pair of eyes with you even more important.

Suit shopping is also a great bonding experience for the groom, best man and ushers, especially if everyone’s not so well acquainted, so why not make a day of it?

Plan a memorable stag do

This has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated tasks on every best man’s to-do list, but stag do planning isn’t all fun and games.

The best man will want to give his groom the best send-off he can, but there are tons to think about to ensure the stag goes smoothly. We’ll let Best Mans Best Man reveal the golden rule of successful stag party planning:

“In case you feel tempted to just organise a get together with all the boys at the local pub, and engage in a drinking contest that will take all night long, this is not a good way to start as the best man.

Men also dream about their stag do parties, as women dream about the wedding day. What does this mean? You should simply ask your friend about their ideal stag do party and start from there.”

Buy the perfect gift for the groom

Buying a gift for the groom isn’t compulsory but it’s a nice touch that’s guaranteed to go down well on the morning of the wedding day – especially if the groom is suffering from a few jitters.

The best man is the perfect person to coordinate groom gift-buying and with some input from the ushers and the rest of the stags, the groom is certain to end up with something he loves. Here are some great gift ideas for grooms from his best man and groomsmen.

Prepare and deliver an epic speech

Once the big day arrives, your best man’s work doesn’t come to an end. Amongst the whirlwind of activity and the best man’s on-the-day duties supporting and assisting the groom, there’s another very important task to complete.

The best man’s speech is iconic, and it takes prior planning to deliver the epic speech the wider wedding party expects.

Your best man could stick to a traditional speech or think more creatively – best man’s speeches have been delivered every which way in recent years, with slideshows and song lyrics among the creative ways best men have chosen to express themselves.

Read our outside-the-box best man speech ideas for inspiration.

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